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Fair Market Value (FMV)
The purchase option: is the Fair Market Value of the in-place equipment at
the time of the option is exercised. The value can't be determined definitively
at the beginning of the lease, but it is often 10% - 20% of the original
purchase price. This plan offers the lowest monthly payment of all plans. The
monthly payments may be tax deductible by the lessee as an operating

1% Buyout
The purchase option is $1.00. This is a popular option for  companies that are
sure that they will keep the equipment at the end of the lease. Lessees may
be able to depreciate the asset and expense the interest portion of the
payments. This option requires the highest monthly payment of all plans.

10% Purchase Option
This option provides that the purchase price will be a fixed 10% of the
original purchase price. This option provides a slightly higher monthly
payment than the Fair Market Value, and slightly lower than the $1.00
Purchase Option. Perfect for companies that are uncomfortable with the
uncertainty of the FMV option.

Merchant Services
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Other Structures
Contact us for details of other structures including:
  • Deferred Payments
  • Step Payments
  • Seasonal Payments
  • Loans -- Equipment Finance Agreement (EFA)
  • Annual / SemiAnnual / Quarterly Payment Schedules
  • Pre-Paid Purchase Options
  • Sales/Lease Back
  • Add-Ons and Upgrades


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