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Why Lease -- Financial Management:

Preserve Credit Lines
Leasing is another source of credit. Thus, existing lines of credit remain open for other revenue
generating activities.

Improve Financial Ratios
Leases structured as operating leases can provide off balance sheet financing. When this type
of structure is used, the lease payments are not reflected as a liability on your balance sheet,
thus improving your financial ratios. Consult your tax advisor for specific recommendations.

Improve Cash Flow
With no down and low monthly payments, leasing enables you to acquire the equipment your
business needs without straining your cash flow. Leasing allows you to reserve cash flow for
other uses like payroll.

Smart Cash Management
Savvy businesses know that there is little value in using cash to invest in assets that
depreciate. Leasing lets you save your cash for activities that generate revenue.

Tax Advantages
As a lease customer, you can realize tax benefits in the form of rental payment deductions as
regular operating expenses. And, if your business is subject to the alternative minimum tax,
lease payments are not considered a tax preference item and, therefore; do not increase the
minimum tax liability. Consult your tax advisor for specific recommendations.

100% Financing
Unlike other forms of financing, leasing allows you to finance your total equipment solution
including hardware, software, training, and installation.

Maximize the Current Equipment Budget
Leasing allows you to match payments to the revenue generated from using the equipment.

Pay for Equipment Over Time
Leasing your equipment allows you to pay for it over time -- not up front as with cash

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